1966: Jeremy Hunt was born in Lambeth Hospital, Kennington. He was raised in Surrey. He is a distant relative of Elizabeth II and Oswald Mosley. 

1987: Elected President of the Oxford University Conservative Association. His contemporaries at University were David Cameron and Boris Johnson. 

1989: Hunt taught English in Japan for two years and set up a business to export Marmalade to the Japanese, it failed. 

1990: Hunt co-founded the educational listings company: Hotcourses, which he later sold to an Australian firm, becoming 14.5 million richer and the richest man in Teresa's May's cabinet. 

2005: Elected MP for South West Surrey. 

2007: Hunt joined the Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Secretary for Culture, Media and Sport.  

2009: Hunt married his wife, Lucia Guo who comes from Xi'an in China. 

2010: When the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats formed a coalition following 2010 general election, Hunt was appointed Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport. 

2009: Jeremy Hunt co-wrote a book: Direct Democracy: An Agenda For A New Model Party which included statements supporting denationalising the NHS and suggested replacing it with "universal insurance".

2009: Hunt had to repay £9,500 of taxpayers’ cash in claims for his second home expenses.

2010: As Sport’s Minister Hunt blames ‘hooligans’ for the 1989 Hillsborough disaster – in which ’97 Liverpool fans died, a third of them children or teenagers.

2010: Hunt was caught hiding behind a tree trying to avoid being spotted going into a dinner with the Murdochs.

2012: Hunt was appointed Health Secretary in a cabinet reshuffle, succeeding Andrew Lansley.  

2012: Hunt and his advisors were caught leaking sensitive information to Rupert Murdoch’s office when Hunt was supposed to be handling the company’s bid to take over BskyB.

2012: Hunt was caught dodging more than £100,000 in a tax property deal.

2012: Hunt was in charge of the Olympics security fiasco, in which he paid millions of taxpayers’ money in private company G4S who were so incompetent the army and the police had to step in.

2012: According to Danny Boyle, the Artistic Director for the London Olympics opening ceremony, the government initially suggested removing the section of the opening ceremony about the NHS. 

2013: the British Medical Association said Hunt displayed “complete ignorance” after saying he thought the abortion limited should be changed from 24 to 12 weeks.

2015: Jeremy Hunt became the subject of the first petition on a new UK Government website to reach the threshold of 100,000 signatures required for a petition to be considered for debate in Parliament. The petition, launched by a consultant called for a debate on a vote of 'No Confidence' in Mr Hunt as Health Secretary. 

2016: Hunt imposed new Junior Doctor work contracts which instigated numerous strikes and the first industrial action in forty years. 

2016: Hunt was condemned for giving "potentially fatal advice" to parents by suggesting they search the Internet for images of rashes if they want to see if their child has meningitis. 

2017: The British Red Cross described a 'humanitarian crisis' in Winter Care, which was linked to the ongoing claims of 'systematic underfunding of the NHS.

2017: Steven Hawkings publicly criticised Hunt's management of the NHS and supported legal action against further reforms, including accountable care organisations (ACOs). At a Royal Society of Medicine speech, Hawking accused Hunt of using studies that were not properly peer reviewed, and ignoring other papers. In January 2018, Hawking won a case to take Hunt to court for "back door privatisation of the NHS".

2018: Hunt was forced to apologise to patients in England affected by the decision to postpone tens of thousands of operations. Hunt made his comment as reports emerged of patients having to wait a long time to be treated, with ambulances left queuing outside A&E departments. Hunt's comments came after a consultant working for the North Midlands NHS Trust described the conditions in his hospital department as akin to the "third world". 

2018: In March Hunt informed NHS trusts that they would not be required to meet waiting time targets for A&E patients in the following year. 

2018: Parliamentary authorities have launched an investigation after health secretary Jeremy Hunt failed to declare the purchase of seven luxury flats on the south coast.


Our ambition should be to break down the barriers between private and public provision, in effect denationalising the provision of healthcare in Britain.

From pamphlet co-authored by Jeremy Hunt, 2005



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